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*WHO ARE PEPI’S: Begonia Alegria & Carlos Gomez.

Pepi’s is run by young people, very creative, very colourful, young people; trying to give a different view of looks.

Pepi’s definitely represents a future in Tokyo, it is a fashion because you can see it grow; and the people they dress and hair dress stand out like balloons.

Pepi’s fashion is spreading, it’s a one of a kind art work, it’s incredible every time.

You can play much more when you have extensions, when you need length you can extend, when you need volume you can extend, things that when you have natural hair you are limited in doing. When you have hair extensions you can do anything you want.

The technique has been used for centuries in Africa, and for the last twenty years European people have started to develop it in a different way. Pepi’s took the base of the traditional African system and have developed it in various ways, to be able to dress any race of people.

Pepi’s are using mono-fibres, synthetic and polyester hair, fibre optics, a lot of different cables and glow in the dark installations with batteries. Pepi’s keep experimenting to keep what they are doing interesting, not only for clients, but also for the people that pass by and come to visit.

Pepi’s love to go out onto the street.

lf the majority of people coloured and extended their hair, the street would be so much fun to walk in.

Pepi’s enjoy their work and enjoy experimenting.

Pepi’s is quite unique. Everything is good, and it’s a nice place to be.

*NAME: Pepi’s.

*BUSINESS: Hairdressing, Styling, Make-up and wigs.

*WHO ARE PEPl’S: Begona Alegria and Carlos Gomez are the head hairstylists and founding partners.

*TRADEMARK: They are difficult to label or categorise as they are equally comfortable doing commercial styles and their pioneering extensions using plastics, wires and fibre optics. These people are uncomfortable resting on their laurels and are always in search of some new raw materials with which to experiment. What distinguishes them from others though is a wealth of ideas and that Pepi’s quality which is present in all their work; elegance with a twist. Because they are open to influences from different media i.e. photography, film, fashion, the work they do very often extends to styling shoots and fashion shows and not solely hair and make-up. They see themselves as stylists who specialise in hairdressing. They stress Pepi’s sells personalised styles not lifestyles and will not limit themselves as commercial or alternative but will add their signature to everylook they create.

*EXPERIENCE: There is a lot of history here. Both studied and consolidated their craft for many years in reputable Spanish salons. They met in Barcelona in 1987 working for the same company and soon started to work as a team for all publications and media work.

BARCELONA: ln 1989, they represented RAMASON hair products at the prestigious international convention INTERLOOK, showing their more advance techniques. ln 1989, 1990 and 1991, they were invited to show their work at “CENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE LA MODA”. ln 1991 were involved at “LAS JORNADAS” convention, sharing stage with the best hairdressers worldwide. From 1987 to 1992 they published regularly in hairdressing magazines like:
They also contributed in the publication of 3 volumes of the book ALTA PELUQUERIA, distributed worldwide.
BILBAO: They moved to Bilbao (capital of Vasc Country). La Baraque was opened. lt became a truly successful salon and they have been featured on a national T.V.E and in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine to discuss their incomparable approach to ahir and beauty. Soon they wanted to share their ideas not only in Spain, but worldwide. After their trips to all fashion capitals (NewYork, Tokyo, Paris, London and Milan) they decided that their destination was London. Here they thought was the place to create Pepi’s because of international reputation as the capital of fashion.


*BORN: Gasteiz, Euskadi, Spain
*STUDIED: Make-up at Susane (Gasteiz), Hair dressing at Ilea and Edergintza (Gasteiz), Beautician at Susane (Gasteiz)


*BORN: Arjonilla, Jaen, Spain
*STUDIED: Fashion at C.C.C (Barcelona), Hairdressing at Nou Stil (Barcelona), Tricology at B.B.N (Barcelona), Make-up at Sther Dineiro (Barcelona)


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