Steady Study “LOVE Chloé”

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chloeSteady Study threw the launch party for the new fragrance “LOVE Chloé” last month at the French embassy. Raquel Zimmerman(the face for LOVE Chloé) was also present as a special guest to talk about the upcoming Ad that will be presented as a short movie CM. The perfume will be available from mid September

先月、フランス大使館でSteady Studyの“LOVE Chloé”ラウンチパーティが行われました。スペシャルゲストのラケル・ジマーマン(LOVE Chloéの顔)も参加して、これから上映される短編CMについて話しました。このフレグランスは2010年9月中旬に販売される予定です。

The image for this fragrance is the active spirited, elegant woman.
It celebrates “radiant, generous and spontaneous femininity” and “contagious beauty”. The scent is a nice balance of flowery notes and powdery musks; like a beautiful bouquet covered in baby powder. I love this as a perfume for bed.




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